How to Reduce Flare In Photos Results

 Reduce Flare In Photos Results

When the sun (or light from any light source)  directly hit the front element lens are likely to appear in the final flare your photo.  There are two kinds of  flare in photography.  The first is called specular flare,  which appears along the circle of light frame

The second is the veiling flare, where the light enters into the dark (shadow) in an image to reduce the contrast, sharpness and detail definition. Flare which is more subtle and not overpowering. Examples of veiling flare is when you are shooting backlit.

How to Avoid Flare
In the photo, flares can be used creatively and intentional to give a special impression on the photo. But in most normal circumstances we want to avoid flare. To avoid flare, the most effective way is to seek agara indirect light hitting the front of the lens. There are several ways that we can do:

1.  changing Positions
Sometimes you need to remove the flare simply by changing the position or change the angle of your lens. For example in the photo above, because the flare appeared then with a little beat down the lens, flare itself is missing:

2. Install the Lens Hood
Lens hood to protect the lens in addition to physical function also helps eliminate flare. Lens hood eliminates flare to provide an umbrella for the front element of the lens. But the lens hood is not so effectiveness on a wide-angle lens (wide angle), which is more susceptible to flare.

3. Use Your Hand
We can use a hand to block the direct rays hit the front of the lens, as long as careful. Do not let your hands appear in the photo.

4. Use Prime Lenses
Prime lenses are more resistant to flare than zoom lenses, prime lenses because it has less internal elements. You can be sure, flares can also be caused by the nature of the propagation of light in an internal lens elements, so the lens elements sedkiti more resistant to flare. Lens hood prime lenses also do not have to accommodate diverse as the zoom lens focal length, so the more effectively it works.

5. Maintain Cleanliness Lens
If you wear glasses, and no traces of oil dikacamata stick, then when you are exposed to direct sunlight was used oil will be very annoying and looks more glare. So is the lens.

6. Specific Lenses With Quality Coating
Modern lenses are designed and the optical quality coated with specific techniques that are more resistant and can reduce flare that if dilensa with low quality is very noticeable. Note the description of the lens when you are going to buy, if the lenses are made with a technique that reduces flare or not.